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Gully Boy Review : Ranveer & Alia wins millioin's heart .


#GullyBoy is all about Ranveer Singh’s and Alia Bhatt’s performance . Ranveer Singh the Gully Boy called Murad is passionate about rap music . His parents on the other hand work hard to get him educated. They dream him to be an officer or to get a good paying job so that he can have a good livelihood .
Murad, does business studies course to help his family in future and returns his home in the evening . However, it becomes uneasy for him to get accommodated in a crowded apartment . His father living with his second wife, makes even more uneasiness for Murad to stay at home. To get himself out of this daily trouble he hangs out with his gang drinking smoking weeds and getting involved in petty crime. He nervously tags along when his dealer pal steals a car, almost out of pure boredom. The rest of the time he earnestly writes rap lyrics in his notebook, in time-honoured 8 Mile style.

On the heroic side Murad has a girlfriend Safeena (Alia Bhatt). Both have a secret relationship since their childhood. Safeena is an innocent and sweet looking girl always wearing hijab. But Murad doesn’t like her over-possessiveness. Murad’s life takes a turn when he comes across Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi) a famous hip-hop star, who introduces him to the world of rap battles, and also to Sky (Kalki Koechlin), a wealthy and glamorous white woman with music industry connections. Soon Murad is reborn with the new rapper name “Gully Boy”. But will he just forget about his old friends, and maybe break Safeena’s heart?

The set piece and high point of the film is the uproarious video that Murad makes on the tough streets of Dharavi itself, which naturally goes viral and makes him a star – and as we see it being made with establishing shots of the camera crew and the dolly tracks, etc, it is just about plausible, and very enjoyable.

Murad himself is likable precisely because he does not fit the template of the macho, misogynist rapper: he is diffident, hardworking, with a style in personal grooming that could almost be called metrosexual. When his dad is injured at work, and Murad must temporarily take over his job as a chauffeur, ferrying spoilt young women all over town, he does so with a kind of martyred dignity, reflecting on the injustices of class and squirrelling away his observations in his rap notebook.

In the end, Gully Boy runs on very traditional lines, and maybe comes too close to cliche, but is always engagingly dead set on entertainment.

ReviewerRatingMovie Review
Rahul Bose (Actor)4/5Gully Boy is Ranveer's "finest work yet" and described Ali Bhatt as "Alia Bhatt is brilliant, achingly true performance, your heart breaks."
Divya Dutta3.5/5Just watched Gully Boy. Take a bow! Each scene is magic unfurling! Each actor, par excellence! Thankyou and best wishes for this gem."
Saiyami Kher 4/5The #GullyBoy fan club! #ZoyaAkhtar you’re a genius! How do you out do yourself each time? Every performance, every scene, the music, the camera work, the writing @RanveerOfficial so contained yet so explosive. This one is undoubtedly your best. @aliaa08 fabulous as ever!
The Guardian3/5Gully Boy review – shy slumdog rapper is a breakout star.
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The Pros

  • #GullyBoy is a cinematic masterpiece. Everything from story, performance , music , camera work and writing is explosive.

The Cons

  • Sometimes it feels noisy. But if you like loudyness go for it..

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