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“Hello” by Orkut Founders Amid Facebook Backlash

Hello APP in India by Orkut FoundersHello App Screenshot

Amid Facebook data breach crisis, original thinkers of social media platforms Orkut Buyukkoten is launching new social media platform ” Hello” Network. We guess most of us still remember Orkut, the social media platform before Facebook was launched. Though it had a sad demise in 2014 when Google overtook Orkut and later on they decided launch Google Plus.
Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, has been under fire after Cambridge Analytica scandal broke revealing that more than 50 million Facebook users’ data was compromised. It sparked an Internet movement that urged users to delete Facebook.

Cambridge Analytica

Now when there is crisis add Facebook due to data breach ” Hello ” App by Orkut founders is now launched in India which new look, design, features and securities. The users can download ‘hello’ app from Apple App Store and Google Play. Hello App was first launched in 2016 in Brazil buy Orkut founder. The App Maker invited 35000 people from Brazil to use and test it before it goes International. Buyukutten claims ‘hello’ aims to create positive, meaningful, authentic connections and sustained social engagement.
Orkut had huge user base in India, and Buyukutten is hopeful that “hello” will make an authentic and safe alternative to Facebook. Apart from India hello app is available in countries like Australia, UK , Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Brazil and USA.
download HELLO App by ORKUT
Taking on Facebook, Buyukutten said that the company will never indulge money making through selling users data or any unethical ways. We have our own monetization strategies which will not interfere with privacy policy. Without trust we cannot have user on our platform and without music we cannot be in business. So it is our utmost endeavour to to safeguard user database and their interests.

Hello App Sign Up Suggestions

Hello” app by Orkut founder Buyukutten has very simple and interesting sign up process. While you sign up on ‘hello’ app, it will ask you what you are passionate about and will suggest you persons to follow accordingly.The app also has advertiser profiles and allows users to join communities, meet people who share similar interests, get recognized and create their own communities. Even best, the company claims that no user information is shared with third-party apps.

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