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Lok Sabha Election 2019: Lok Sabha Elections to be held in 7 phases, May 23 results

Lok sabha Election 2019: Elections for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 have been announced.

Election Commission has made the announcement of the Lok Sabha election dates (Lok Sabha Election 2019 Date, Schedule). Lok Sabha elections will be held in 7 phases this time and results will be on May 23. While announcing the election dates, the Chief Election Commissioner said that all the agencies have consulted.Special monitoring will be done on election expenses. Festivals were taken care of. He said that this time 90 crore people will vote in elections. The Chief Election Commissioner said that we were preparing for the elections quite early. Talked to the election commissioner of all state and union territories. They were told to make preparations. The order of the law and order was also checked. After doing all this, today we are in the position to announce the election.


During the press conference, the Chief Election Commission said that the safety of EVM machines is being taken care of this time. From today itself the Code of Conduct has come into force. Action on any kind of violation All candidates will have to give details of their property and education. Form 26 must be filled. He said that the use of the loud speaker should be kept from 10 am to 10 am. Our focus is to reduce noise pollution. The CRPF will be deployed in large numbers.

The Chief Election Commissioner said that this time an app will also be launched, with the help of which any voter will be able to capture any rule violation in camera and send it directly to us. He said that this time the solutions will also be web portal, the general public will be able to give feedback through this portal. At the same time, all booths will have a CCTV camera. The Election Commissioner said that every effort has been made to reach the voters. We do not want to leave a single voter. Social media will also be monitored. Campaigning for social media will also be added.

Let us know that the term of the present Lok Sabha will end on June 3. In 2014, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP was the first such party which had achieved the first absolute majority in three decades. BJP got 282 seats. While the NDA got 336 seats. The Congress had lost badly in this election and it got only 44 seats. The condition of the Congress was that it did not get even 10 per cent seats required to get the seat of Leader of the Opposition. Now after the code of conduct, the government will not be able to take any policy decision.

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