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Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase: All Games Announced

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Nintendo Switch is introducing a whole bunch of new games this year. Nintendo has showcased 16 indie titles slated for its hybrid console at its Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase. The new series of games will add on to its excellent first year edition which included Golf Story, Rocket League, Owlboy , Stardew Valley, and Thimbleweed Park release on the console. This time around mobile hit Reigns, a remaster of last generation Xbox 360 exclusive Mark of the Ninja, and the Banner Saga trilogy will be graving the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo claims that most of these games will either be exclusive to the Switch or launch on it first. Here’s a list of every game shown off during the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase.

Every indie game announced for the Nintendo Switch

in 2018

  • Mark of the Ninja Remastered: this classic Xbox 360 exclusive graces the Switch with a revamp.
  • Fantasy Strike: this fighting game was previously on Steam and will be making it to the Switch
  • Just Shapes and Beats: it’s a hotly anticipated music rhythm game that’s been in the works for awhile and should be out on the Switch this summer.
  • Garage: an isometric retro arcade horror game with ‘VHS style’ visuals
  • Pool Panic: this cartoon adventure from Adult Swim Games stars living pool balls and is exclusive to the Switch.
  • Bomb Chicken: this bizarre platform game has explosives, puzzle elements, and an avian protagonist that seeks to find out the secrets behind a sinister fast food corporation.
  • Lumines Remastered: this classic PSP and PS Vita music puzzle game is getting a new version for the Switch.
  • Reigns Kings and Queens: both versions of this mobile and PC simulation will be coming to the Switch as Reigns Kings and Queens.
  • West of Loathing: this humorous indie adventure with stick figures makes it to the Switch after debuting on PC.
  • Banner Saga 1, 2, and 3: every entry in the indie strategy series is on the way to the Switch with Banner Saga 3 releasing in summer.
  • Light Fall: this artistically striking platformer will be on the Nintendo Switch in spring this year.
  • Pode: a cooperative exploration platformer that’s out this spring.
  • The Messenger: described as an 8-bit platformer that morphs into a 16-bit time traveling adventure, it’s releasing on the Switch this summer.
  • Bad North: dubbed as a rogue lite real-time strategy featuring vikings, it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer.








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