When Anushka Sharma had No Money to Buy Clothes !


Anushka Sharma‘s is now in Bollywood’s successful and wealthiest actresses, but there was a time when Anushka faced difficult times like financial hardship in her life. Anushka shared an emotional story of her childhood about her inability to buy clothes.
Anushka Sharma is now an actress and a business woman, Anushka talked about the period when her family was not financially strong. Anushka told that her father was in Indian army and she did not have so much money. Anushka said, ‘I had seen my parents talk about paying a lot of loans and many times in trouble.
I remember when in my childhood there was a function in my school, I wanted a special dress for that. That dress was quite expensive, so mother said that we can not buy it and you should not participate in the function. When I heard this, I started crying. But then the mother had stitched the same dress on her own. ‘

Today Anushka Anushka of the Nush Clothing brand will have to work hard to reach this point. According to the reports, Virat and Anushka’s annual income is estimated to be close to Rs 610 crore.
On the Forum of Maine Rocks, Anushka Sharma also answered the question about Virat. During the event, a viewer asked Anuska – Since you have entered Virat in your life, how much are you sporty and how many films have been done? Anushka also said in the answer: “I am a sporty okay okay, Virat is also okay okay.”

Anushka’s upcoming movie Sui Dhaaga-Made In India is going to be released on September 28. In this film, Varun Dhawan is in lead role with him.

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