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Yuvraj Singh Hits Strange Six – Watch Video

Yuvraj Singh has again hit the bowler out of the park with strange hitting.

yuvraj-singh-reverse-sweep-six full video

India-Maldives Friendship Cricket Series In 2019, Yuvraj Singh did something that every cricket fan was surprised to see.  A match was played between Air India and Maldives Cricket Team. Here Yuvraj Singh surprised everyone with two sixes. Yuvraj Singh played a strange shot in the 9th over playing on behalf of Air India. The bowler was baffled to see such a shot from king of sixes Yuvraj Singh. This shot on social media is becoming quite viral and people are praising this shot of Yuvraj Singh .

Before even the ball was thrown by the bowler, Yuvraj Singh sat on the knees and was ready to play the reverse shot. The bowler had forgotten the steam that Yuvraj was waiting to play the reverse shot. In such a way, the bowler tried to keep the yorker length. But the ball came straight on Yuvraj’s bat and went on to a spectacular six. The bowler also was shocked to see the shot. The fielder was present on the third man, but the ball crossed the boundary line and went out to sixes.

Yuvraj Singh hits strangely Six times- Watch Video:


Yuvraj Singh played his last international match in 2017. In IPL 2019, he will play for Mumbai Indians. Kings XI Punjab put released him before the auction . Nobody bought him in the first round of IPL 2019 auction. But at last, the 37-year-old Yuvraj Singh was bought the base price of 1 crore. Yuvraj Singh is known as Sixer King.

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